Relationship Mapping Strategy

Interested in what stakeholder relationship maps are, how they work, and how this tool can be applied to stakeholder management? This eBook covers the basics of relationship mapping before diving deeper into strategy

Stakeholder mapping is an important part of analyzing and tracking stakeholders — but one of the lesser-known (but highly valuable) mapping tools is stakeholder relationship mapping.

Stakeholder relationship maps can help you visualize who your stakeholders are and how they relate to others — such as their level and direction of influence. This context is hugely valuable as it can have a significant impact on how you engage with stakeholders, who you engage with, and the way you plan your consultations.

If you’re ready to build better relationships with your stakeholders, better understand how different stakeholders are connected, or operate more strategically, you need to start doing stakeholder relationship mapping.

We’ve put together this eBook to shine the light on relationship mapping for stakeholder professionals. Inside, you’ll discover the benefits, processes, and basics — as well as advanced concepts related to stakeholder relationship maps. Armed with these insights, you’ll be able to apply this model in your own consultation and more effectively engage stakeholders.

simply stakeholders ebook cover relationship mapping
What's inside?
    • Defining relationship mapping
    • Who uses relationship mapping and why do it
    • How to create your relationship map (including a visual breakdown of each component)
    • 6 ways to use your relationship map
    • Plus more

Ready to gain a deeper understanding of relationship mapping and apply this valuable tool to your stakeholder consultation process? Download this free eBook on relationship mapping for all the info you need and practical steps to get started.

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