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Simple setup

Stakeholder management software doesn’t have to take days or weeks to set up. With Simply Stakeholders, you’ll be up and running in minutes. Just import your spreadsheets and we’ll immediately convert them into a powerful stakeholder engagement tool that your entire team can collaborate on.

Sentiment analysis

Simply Stakeholders automatically identifies the sentiment behind your interactions. Just click a button and it assigns a percentage score to the interaction, and ranks it on a scale of 1 (very negative) to 5 (very positive). And if your stakeholder engagement software happens to get the sentiment wrong, you can just as easily change it. This analysis will flow through to the dashboard that tracks overall sentiment for the project.

Stakeholder Mapping

Map your stakeholders according to their level of Influence, Interest and Impact. Visualize your stakeholders on a scattergram or pie charts. Search based on stakeholder mapping levels to quickly pull out a list of high influence stakeholders. Unlike other systems, Stakeholder Mapping is not a set and forget activity in Simply Stakeholders. Track your engagement activities based on Stakeholder Mapping - see how often you engage with high impact stakeholders - are you meeting your targets?

Email sync

Sync email, contacts and calendars between Simply Stakeholders and Outlook. Automatically save emails to Simply Stakeholders contacts or create new contacts without leaving your Outlook email client. You can also send emails direct from Simply Stakeholders and track who interacts with them.

Task management

Do more within your stakeholder management software. Add tasks to any record, assign them to team members and track them until they're closed. Set up automatic notification and escalation rules so you get email or text reminders.

Drill-down reports

Click within a dashboard report to drill down to more granular detail. For example, you could click the total number of influential stakeholders to see who those stakeholders are. (Coming soon, available on a paid plan only)

Full data extract

Download all your Simply Stakeholders data to Excel spreadsheets, complete with all linkages and all ID fields. So you can easily slice and dice your data elsewhere, wrap up your project or even switch stakeholder management tools altogether if you want (we don’t think you’ll want to though!).


Simply dictate notes of your meeting and see Simply Stakeholders transform it into a text record which can then be tagged or analysed for sentiment. Log in via your phone - Simply Stakeholders is a fully responsive design so you can record meeting notes on the go!

Business card scanner

Have a bunch of business cards you need entered in the system? Just use your phone camera to take a photo of the card and Simply Stakeholders will capture the details and create a new stakeholder record for you. (Available on a paid plan only - coming soon)

Send text messages

Easily send emails and text messages to stakeholders from within Simply Stakeholders itself. Any messages you send will automatically be added to the activity history for the stakeholder.

File attachments

Attach files to interactions or stakeholders, or have them automatically saved into Simply Stakeholders when you use the Outlook email Add -in. Organise your file attachments into folders. (Available on a paid plan only)

Automatic tagging

Simply Stakeholders uses artificial intelligence to automatically tag all your interactions so you can easily stay on top of emerging issues. And because it uses machine learning, not just simple keyword detection, your stakeholder management software gets better every time. Whether it’s noise, social impact, benefits, or something else entirely, you’ll be able to track it with ease. Simply Stakeholders does all the heavy lifting.

Multiple projects

Due to popular demand we released multiple project capabilities in Simply Stakeholders. Track different areas of your business, perhaps countries, operations or just projects, in their own separate project. Dashboards for individual projects or across all projects will help you keep track of all the important issues and stakeholder relationships.

Confidential Access

You can now flag confidential interactions and restrict access to selected team members with the use of the new confidential access roles. Head over to the Admin menu to set up confidential access.

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Simply Stakeholders makes it easy for you to integrate your stakeholder management software with other systems you currently use, seamlessly. You can now be productive like never before, and effectively implement your stakeholder management plan anytime, anywhere. Here are a few noteworthy apps that work perfectly well with Simply Stakeholders:

MailChimp integration

Automatically add stakeholders to your MailChimp list when you add them to Simply Stakeholders. And see in your stakeholder management software when you email them in MailChimp.

SurveyMonkey integration

Link your SurveyMonkey surveys to Simply Stakeholders - survey responses get automatically added to the stakeholder's record.

API access

Integrate your Simply Stakeholders data with the other systems you use - like your business intelligence (BI) solutions or management dashboards.

Zapier integration

Integrating Simply Stakeholders with other systems is super easy! Do it yourself or use our standard zaps that integrate with Salesforce, social media, Mailchimp, email and more.


Connect your calendar in Outlook or Gmail to Simply Stakeholders and set up your calendar events to automatically create interactions in Simply Stakeholders.


Connect your Gmail account and emails you send and receive will be automatically added to Simply Stakeholders. Or use the Gmail plug-in to control which emails you save to Simply Stakeholders. Your system will match to existing stakeholders, or create a new stakeholder and attach the email to them.

Office 365

Integrating your Office 365 account with Simply Stakeholders via a simple connection means your emails and calendars can be automatically updated in Simply Stakeholders. Emails will be saved, matched to existing stakeholders or new stakeholders. Calendar events will be created as interactions. Connect once and forget about it - let Simply Stakeholder do the work of gathering relevant data. Or you can use the Outlook email plug-in to control which emails you save to Simply Stakeholders.


Easily keep track of the sentiment on social media channels such as Twitter. Set the hashtags or people you want to follow and the system will automatically pull in tweets and save them to the relevant stakeholder (or create a stakeholder if one doesn't already exist). Then all you have to do is run Simply Stakeholder's artificial intelligence based Sentiment analysis to get a quick view of the sentiment on Twitter.