The game-changing new version of Simply Stakeholders is here!

In every way, Version 2 is the very best of both worlds... The simplicity and user-friendliness that our Simply Stakeholders customers rave about, and the power and flexibility that our Darzin customers know they can trust.


Power when you need it

Simply Stakeholders Version 2 packs all the power of Darzin, and more. The core features are always there — like Issues tagging, sentiment analysis, stakeholder segmentation and stakeholder mapping. But the more advanced features are all tucked neatly out of the way until you need them, at which point you just flick the switch to turn them on. This includes things like properties mapping, complaints management, online forms and tailored reports.

No matter how big you plan to take your stakeholder engagement, Version 2 has you covered.


Deeper insights into relationships

When you have hundreds — or even thousands — of stakeholders, you can no longer rely on ‘gut feel’ to assess how your relationships are tracking. You need something much more accurate.

That’s why, with Version 2, we’ve introduced Relationship Health Scores. Simply Stakeholders calculates these scores for all your stakeholders, using a combination of stakeholder sentiment, stakeholder mapping values and engagement frequency metrics.

Version 2 also creates detailed, 3D relationship maps of all your stakeholders’ networks, while you work (and while you sleep!). These diagrams show their connections with your teams, projects, and other important stakeholders, and even their connections within their own organization hierarchy!


Faster user adoption

Your teams will only use a product if they know it will protect their important stakeholder relationships. They simply won’t risk the wrong person making a call that will undo all their hard work. If there’s a chance that will happen, they’ll end up keeping all their most important information in a personal spreadsheet..

That’s why, in Version 2, all data is access-controlled. Team members can see only the data that’s specifically relevant to their role, and must request access from the owner to see more (e.g. contact details and commercially sensitive interactions). This means everyone is confident their stakeholders’ data is only ever used by the right people.


Surprising sophistication, without complexity

Our CEO, Allison Hendricks, worked for 20+ years as a stakeholder engagement practitioner, and our products were born out of her day-to-day challenges during that time. In other words, they were built, from the ground up, to overcome exactly the challenges your organization and teams are facing now.

In Simply Stakeholders Version 2, we’ve achieved the perfect balance of smarts and simplicity. With its built-in, practical stakeholder management methodology, it enables your teams to easily map and segment your stakeholders, to monitor how those stakeholders feel about issues, and to track the health of your relationships with them.


And even easier to use

One of the things our customers always tell us they love about Simply Stakeholders is the user experience. So when designing Version 2, we were very conscious of not throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Instead, we simply took all the best parts of the old version, and polished them. So existing Simply Stakeholders customers will still feel completely at home, navigating around the UI. It still feels like the old version; we just made it all hang together a bit better.


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