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Creating social capital requires engaging with stakeholders

For the professionals working to address the world’s most important challenges, success requires more than just an idea or a plan.

It takes engaging with the issues surrounding your work — and building relationships with the people who influence whether it moves forward.

Build relationships that keep your work moving forward

Simply Stakeholders helps you stay connected with the issues and stakeholders so that you can minimize social risk and accelerate impact.

  • Map stakeholders influence, interest, and impact while keeping track of who’s engaging with them, across multiple projects
  • Learn where and when you need to take action with AI-powered insights
  • Create visibility into relationships and sentiment throughout your organization – including the C-suite

How It Works

Learn how easy it can be to engage with stakeholders.

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Spreadsheets and CRMs are not built for stakeholder management

Engaging with stakeholders can determine whether — and how — your work moves forward. So why would you use a tool that isn’t meant for the job?

Relying on spreadsheets and CRMs to manage stakeholders inevitably leads to frustration, delays, and missed opportunities.

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Leaders in sustainability choose Simply Stakeholders

Build your expertise in stakeholder engagement

Blogs, guides, and virtual events designed to help you engage with issues and stakeholders more effectively.

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Say goodbye to spreadsheets.
Say hello to a smarter way to manage stakeholders.

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