A smarter way to manage stakeholders


Simply Stakeholders is a stakeholder relationship management software that combines decades of experience in stakeholder engagement in a single, user-friendly tool.

Beyond customers, you have internal and external relationships you need to manage and influence – regulators, advocacy groups, citizens, service providers, internal experts, and more.

We are designed to help you organize complex relationships to keep your projects moving forward.

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Simply Stakeholders Version 2 is here! Get ready to experience a new way to manage complex stakeholder relationships.

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Build relationships that keep your work moving forward

Simply Stakeholders helps you stay connected with the issues and stakeholders so that you can minimize social risk and accelerate impact.

  • Map stakeholders influence, interest, and impact while keeping track of who’s engaging with them, across multiple projects
  • Learn where and when you need to take action with AI-powered insights
  • Create visibility into relationships and sentiment throughout your organization – including the C-suite

How It Works

Learn how easy it can be to create ‘one source of truth’ on stakeholder relationships.

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Spreadsheets and CRMs are not built for stakeholder management

Engaging with stakeholders can determine whether — and how — your work moves forward. So why would you use a tool that isn’t meant for the job?

Relying on spreadsheets and CRMs to manage stakeholders inevitably leads to frustration, delays, and missed opportunities.

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Leaders in sustainability choose Simply Stakeholders

Build your expertise in stakeholder engagement

Blogs, guides, and virtual events designed to help you engage with issues and stakeholders more effectively.

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Say goodbye to spreadsheets.
Say hello to a smarter way to manage stakeholders.

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