Remote Stakeholder Management

Remote Stakeholder Management

We look at the shift to remote work and online stakeholder engagement methods — and how stakeholder professionals can adapt.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every industry across the world more than any other recent event. One major theme has been the rapid shift to remote and online services — and the growing expectation for flexible work arrangements.

This has had a significant impact on stakeholder management. Remote working, online engagement methods, and online collaboration quickly became the norm throughout 2020 and beyond. Now in a post-pandemic world, remote, hybrid, and online methods of work and engagement remain.

Remote stakeholder engagement is here to stay — and digital methods like video conferencing and online chat will continue to grow.

So, what can you do about that? What changes can you make to help your team continue to collaborate effectively — and reach your stakeholders online?

If you’ve experienced a bumpy start to remote stakeholder engagement and struggled to adapt, this eBook is for you. This practical guide includes 8 ideas and strategies that will help you overcome the challenges associated with remote work, while taking advantage of some of the opportunities available.

What's inside?
  • What should you consider in your strategy?  
  • Best practices for your teamwork  
  • Tips when setting up your cloud-based tools  
  • What should your remote work policy cover?   
  • Checklist Template 
  • Strategic considerations for remote stakeholder engagement
  • New methods of engagement and collaboration
  • Essential technology and tools
  • What to include in your remote work policy 
  • Considerations for training and onboarding
  • Privacy and security considerations for working from home
  • How to stay connected and maintain relationships
  • Why now is the time for change
  • Company and staff checklists for working remote

Download this eBook to explore ways to help you and your team embrace remote work — and find new ways to collaborate and engage with stakeholders!

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