Human Rights Risks & Obligations

A Guide for businesses operating in emerging markets

Human rights obligations are without exception always a critical point of discussion for any industry. 

The rising expectation on businesses to address and mitigate their human rights risks and impacts has been a vast area for organisations to understand, interpret and respond to. Countries are passing laws, investors are introducing new financing requirements, institutions are creating guidance, and victims are filing lawsuits to ensure that businesses uphold their human rights obligations and responsibilities.  

Today, it is not enough to claim that business activities are ethical, the business must show their responsibility to respect humans in practice too as the consequences are dire. 

What does this mean to a business? How does a business respond to rising expectations? Where to begin? What are the tools? This e-book aims to provide you with answers to those questions and more.

What's inside?
  • Human Rights legal and ethical regulations for businesses  
  • COVID-19 and the mass violation of human rights by employers  
  • Risks of undermining human rights in businesses  
  • How businesses operations can successfully address human rights impacts 
  • Case studies of good global business practices 
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