Human Rights Risks & Obligations

Human Rights in Stakeholder Engagement

Refer to this free guide when navigating human rights issues and risks from a stakeholder engagement perspective.

Navigating your organization’s human rights obligations is an important process — and often a complex one. But with growing expectations (as well as laws, finance requirements, and lawsuits), businesses cannot afford to ignore their human rights obligations and responsibilities.

Claiming your organization cares about human rights simply isn’t enough anymore. Today, businesses in every industry need to take action on human rights issues — and be able to show evidence for it, too.

So, what does this mean for your business? How will you respond to the rising expectations and requirements? How will you reduce your risks?

Inside this eBook, we define human rights, explore the current situation, key issues to be aware of, emerging trends, the business impact of human rights, how to respond, and more. We also discuss stakeholder engagement as a tool for organizations to manage their human rights risks and obligations.


What's inside?
  • An overview of human rights in business, including definitions
  • Top 10 business and human rights issues
  • The right in human rights expectations in the business environment
  • Relevant principles and legislation
  • Emerging business trends
  • Human rights risks in the supply chain
  • The business benefits of recognizing and embedding human rights
  • 4 steps to integrate human rights into your business activities
  • The role of stakeholder engagement in human rights — and the importance of participation and access to remedy
  • 3 best practice case studies

Although we cover some complex topics, we break everything down into a digestible, easy-to-read format. Download your free copy today so you can confidently have these critical discussions within your business and better manage both your human rights risks and obligations, moving forward.

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