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Article: What does stakeholder mean? Essential definitions and more

Allison Hendricks

14 May 2019

What does stakeholder mean? Essential definitions and more. Hearing the word “stakeholder” a lot and want to double-check you know your facts? Stakeholders are important for nearly any organisation or project. Chances are, you already know something about stakeholders, but it’s a good idea to dig deeper and get the full picture. Let’s start with […]

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how to manage stakeholders

What is stakeholder management and how do you get started?

Allison Hendricks

26 April 2019

Get the right foundation for your stakeholder management plan. Find out what stakeholder management means, review practical examples, compare spreadsheets vs software and learn how to get started.

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What to look for when investing in Community Engagement Software

Allison Hendricks

14 February 2019

Community engagement software offers a range of options for businesses and government agencies. From engagement platforms to full featured stakeholder data management systems, here are the top things to look for when investing in community engagement software. An easy to use and accessible system Useability is the key to successful implementation and use of a […]

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Integrated stakeholder management

New release: Integrations

Allison Hendricks

13 January 2019

Integrating your Stakeholder Management data just got a whole lot easier with the new Simply Stakeholders and Zapier integration option. Connect your Simply Stakeholders account to tons of other applications in just a few minutes. Set and forget – let Simply Stakeholders find and collate the information for you. Here are just a few of […]

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Stakeholder Management system features

Megan Girdler

26 October 2018

A new generation stakeholder management system that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to make the process faster and simpler.

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