Stakeholder Management Plans

Use this guide to help you confidently write or update your stakeholder management plan, including steps, templates, and examples.

Stakeholder management plans can help you strategically and efficiently manage your stakeholder relationships. But too many organizations spend weeks (or longer) creating lengthy, detailed plans — only for them to sit on a shelf without any real, practical value.

The thing is, if you’re looking to create a stakeholder management plan your team will actually read and use, you need to move away from the 30-page detailed plan and instead, focus on key information and actionable steps.

Not sure how to create a stakeholder management plan like this? We’ve put together this guide to help stakeholder professionals, project managers, and their teams develop meaningful, practical plans. 

Whether you’re about to create your first stakeholder plan, or you’re looking for an easier (and more effective) way to plan out your engagement strategy… this eBook has everything you need.  


What's inside?
    • What makes a stakeholder management plan good (AKA effective)
    • Personal stories from our own experiences
    • 3 build blocks to stakeholder management plans
    • Understanding the IAP2 spectrum framework
    • Exploring the Equator Principles & IFC Performance Standards
    • Introducing the Evaluation Framework
    • Applying Agile and design thinking to stakeholder planning
    • Creating a single-page stakeholder plan (our detailed process)
    • Writing SMART goals
    • A printable One Page Stakeholder Management Plan Template
    • Useful resources for further learning

Ready to create a stakeholder plan that’s meaningful, actionable, and covers everything you need? Download the eBook now!

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