A Guide to Understanding and Complying with GDPR Requirements

GDPR implications for Stakeholder Relationship Management

Data privacy compliance is an important consideration for any organization that handles or stores personal data — including data used for stakeholder engagement, management, and consultation. 

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in legislation on this issue, and organizations are increasingly being held accountable to ensuring they have robust systems and processes in place to protect people’s information.

In particular, if your stakeholder contacts or customers may include EU citizens, you’ll need to understand and follow the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that were introduced in 2018. The consequences for non-compliance are significant, including fines reaching up to 20 million euros for severe violations. 

We’ve put together this GDPR compliance eBook for a few reasons. Although we’re a few years down the track from GDPR, the legislation remains highly relevant today. At the same time, GDPR still confuses a lot of people and attracts misconceptions (such as not impacting organizations outside of the EU*). And last of all, we wanted to offer our take on GDPR compliance from a public consultation perspective.

* Even if you automatically collect a single, pseudonymized piece of data from a single person in the EU who visits your website, GDPR still applies. And even if your organization falls outside of this broad definition, it’s almost certain that similar legislation is in place within your region, or coming in the near future.


What's Inside?
  • Overview of GDPR — what’s covered and who it impacts
  • Infographic of 6 key things you need to know
  • 5 key clauses and implications
  • Tips to ensure consultation processes are compliant across 11 requirements
  • 2 GDPR readiness checklists
  • How to get help with your GDPR compliance

Ready to better understand GDPR and how data privacy laws impact your consultation processes and data management? Download our free GDPR compliance eBook and use this guide to check your processes — and ensure you’re compliant!

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