Evaluating stakeholder engagement and public consultation

A Practical Guide to monitoring and evaluate key stakeholders 

Evaluating community engagement and public consultation processes presents significant challenges. Data collection, case studies, time, and resources involving stakeholders can be difficult to organise. 

This e-book provides a framework for evaluating stakeholder engagement and consultation processes. It can be used as is or adapted to fit specific needs. Allison Hendricks created the Evaluation Framework as a result of her work on the “Brisbane Declaration” at the United Nations Conference on Community Engagement. 

There is a broad range of other approaches to evaluation in the public participation and community engagement industry that have been developed over time and we take a look at some of the key challenges and barriers to that too. 

Ebook cover Evaluating
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What's Inside?
  • An overview of evaluation approaches  
  • An easy-to-use, robust evaluation framework  
  • A guide to planning and implementing a 360-degree evaluation of your consultation or engagement  
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