Evaluating stakeholder engagement and public consultation

Get our framework for evaluating stakeholder engagement and consultation — along with practical tips to improve your evaluation process

Evaluation is an important part of stakeholder engagement and public consultation — but it’s also a part that’s often done poorly or not done at all.

That’s because stakeholder engagement consultation is challenging. It can be hard to collect the right data, tricky to know what to measure, and difficult to get enough resources to properly evaluate your engagement. But once you know how to overcome these challenges, you can use evaluation to improve your consultation planning, process, and outcomes.

Simply Stakeholders founder, Allison Hendricks, is passionate about evaluation and created an Evaluation Framework as a result of her work on the “Brisbane Declaration” at the United Nations Conference on Community Engagement.

We’ve created this eBook to share our framework for evaluating stakeholder engagement and consultation. You can use it as-is or adapt the processes for your specific needs. 

Ebook cover Evaluating
What's Inside?
  • Evaluation in consultation and engagement: a definition
  • Why evaluate — and why evaluation ends up in the too hard basket
  • How we developed the Evaluation Framework and how to use it
  • Conducting a 360 degree evaluation
  • 6 principles to evaluate your engagements by
  • How to design and structure evaluation questionnaires for the best results
  • Tips for cultivating an evaluation culture within your organization
  • Other evaluation frameworks and approaches

Ready to dive into the stakeholder engagement evaluation process? Download this eBook to start measuring the impact of your stakeholder engagement and much more!

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