Two people sitting at a table with open laptops, going through handwritten notes.
Stakeholder software selection
7 Hidden Costs When You Don’t Have Stakeholder Software

We shine the light on 7 hidden costs of delaying the switch to proper stakeholder engagement software.

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Advanced stakeholder management
6 Ways Stakeholder Management Software Delivers ROI

We share 6 ways stakeholder management software delivers ROI — and a formula for estimating potential ROI from your software

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Advanced stakeholder management
How An SRM Can Improve Your Stakeholder Experiences

We share what stakeholder experience is, why it matters, and 10 ways to improve stakeholder experiences.

Illustration of two people sitting at a table in front of laptops.
Stakeholder software selection
5 Critical Features For Your Community Engagement Tool

Looking for a new tool to support your community engagement process?  More than ever, organizations rely...

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Stakeholder software selection
Stakeholder Software: 10 Tips for Success

Getting started with new stakeholder software? This guide includes 10 practical tips to increase your chances of success!

Stakeholder software selection
What is the difference between a CRM vs SRM

Why should you use different software for customers and stakeholders?

public participation
Stakeholder software selection
4 Reasons Why You Should Leave The Spreadsheets Behind

Switching to stakeholder engagement software makes managing, tracking, analyzing, and reporting on your stakeholders a lot simpler than spreadsheets.

Keep your stakeholder information up to date
Stakeholder software selection
How to encourage your team to keep your stakeholder information system updated

Why an up-to-date stakeholder information system so essential and what you can do to encourage your team to use your software.

choose stakeholder crm
Stakeholder software selection
What to look for when investing in Community Engagement Software

From engagement platforms to full-featured stakeholder data management systems, here are the top things to look for when investing in community engagement software.

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