Solar panels in a snowy field, with a wind turbine in the background.
Advanced stakeholder management
How Renewable Energy Project Managers Can Engage Stakeholders

How can renewable energy project managers engage their stakeholders? We share 10 engagement methods and practical tips!

People walk and smile, coming down the stairs from an office building or court.
Advanced stakeholder management
Business Relationship Management: Best Practices for Success

Learn how to better engage with your internal stakeholders with these five tips to manage your business relationships.

Illustration showing a person walking in front of three wind turbines.
Advanced stakeholder management
Who Are The Key Stakeholders in Renewable Energy Projects?

We share seven examples of stakeholders in renewable energy. Learn why you might need to manage each of these groups and how you might engage with them.

Advanced stakeholder management
What Is Social Acceptance and Does It Really Matter?

If you’re running a project or consultation, does social acceptance really matter?  The short answer is:...

Advanced stakeholder management
Corporate Governance: The Role Of Different Stakeholders

We look at 11 different types of stakeholders and their role in corporate governance, including the board of directors, shareholders, employees, and more

Advanced stakeholder management
How Does Civil Society Engage the Government?

We discuss civil society organizations and explore 10 ways these groups can engage with government and politics

Advanced stakeholder management
Four Key Stakeholder Management Processes for Project Managers

We share four key stakeholder management processes that project managers need to stay on top of.

Illustration showing a person with three different graphs, each representing stakeholder reports.
Advanced stakeholder management
Stakeholder Reporting Made Easy: 9 Practical Tips

Want to improve your stakeholder reports? We share why stakeholder reporting matters, what it’s used for, and 9 tips for better reports.

Illustration showing three people engaged in conversation.
Advanced stakeholder management
How to Encourage Community Group Engagement

Need to increase community engagement and demonstrate the value of your engagement? We share five practical steps you can take.

Orange painted brick wall with a barred window and blue painted lettering that says ‘Support Community
Advanced stakeholder management
Best Community Engagement Strategies in 2023

Updating your community engagement strategy in 2023? We share 8 important trends to watch so you can make sure your approach is effective and relevant.

A laptop sitting on a sofa, displaying five different graphs.
Advanced stakeholder management
How to Get More Value From Your Consultation Data

We talk about the importance of seeing stakeholder data as an asset — and some ways organizations can get more value from their engagement data.

A woman stands up to share a report with her team.
Advanced stakeholder management
Improving Stakeholder Engagement: How to Keep People Engaged

We explore reasons why stakeholders become disengaged and share tips to help increase stakeholder engagement — and keep people participating in your consultation.

Advanced stakeholder management
What is Education’s Impact on Civic and Social Engagement?

Curious about the impact of education on civic and social engagement? We make 8 observations based on what the research says about civic engagement and education.

Advanced stakeholder management
Managing Stakeholder Risk & Social Acceptance

We talk about an important side of stakeholder management: risk! Find out how to manage high risk stakeholders and increase your social acceptance with these tips.

Advanced stakeholder management
4 Examples of Stakeholder Engagement In Policy

We share examples of stakeholder consultation in successful policy making and development (and not-so-successful), including healthcare policy, public policy, environment, and more.

A woman holding up a sign saying ‘We Want Policy’ while marching in a street with others.
Advanced stakeholder management
Policy Consultation & the Importance of Stakeholders

Need to consult with stakeholders on your policy? We talk about engaging stakeholders in policy making and how to get started with your consultation.

Illustration showing a person in front of a graph.
Advanced stakeholder management
6 Ways Stakeholder Management Software Delivers ROI

We share 6 ways stakeholder management software delivers ROI — and a formula for estimating potential ROI from your software

Vibrant urban street with brightly coloured buildings and people walking along pavement.
Advanced stakeholder management
How Stakeholder Engagement Can Support Sustainability Measures

We look at 8 ways stakeholder engagement can help to support sustainability practices in organizations.

Group of four employees standing around a whiteboard that shows some charts.
Advanced stakeholder management
How to Manage Stakeholder Expectations

We discuss why stakeholder expectations matter, 6 steps to better manage them, and two examples of projects that require stakeholder expectation management.

Woman smiling and looking at a laptop screen.
Advanced stakeholder management
How An SRM Can Improve Your Stakeholder Experiences

We share what stakeholder experience is, why it matters, and 10 ways to improve stakeholder experiences.

Illustration showing three people interacting with a user interface.
Advanced stakeholder management
How to get your Stakeholder Capitalism Right

Stakeholder capitalism argues that companies should benefit more than just their shareholders and customers and also consider the community, society, and environment. In this blogpost we define what is stakeholder capitalism, and share 6 steps to get it right.

A team meeting together in a room, with laptops, pens, and paper.
Advanced stakeholder management
The Role of Stakeholder Engagement in DEI Programs

Find out how good stakeholder engagement practices can increase the success of your workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion program.

A man shakes hands with an older woman.
Advanced stakeholder management
Why External Engagement Matters

We define external engagement and share its benefits, why it matters, and 10 best practices for engaging external stakeholders.

A group of people standing together indoors, having a discussion.
Advanced stakeholder management
Social Capital and Stakeholder Relationship Management

What is social capital and how does it fit in with stakeholder management or engagement? We look at social capital definitions, why it matters, and how it’s created.

Groups of people sitting on a grassy slope in the sun
Advanced stakeholder management
Stakeholder Engagement in Government Organizations: Definitions, Barriers & Benefits

We explore what stakeholder engagement looks like in government organizations, why it matters, and 3 barriers to engagement.

co workers focused on their stakeholder mapping methods
Advanced stakeholder management
Which Stakeholder Mapping Method Should You Use?

See a detailed overview of stakeholder mapping, including historical models, their limitations, and a new (and better) way to map your stakeholders.

Team discussing stakeholder analysis
Advanced stakeholder management
Stakeholder Analysis: One (Critical) Mistake Almost Everyone Makes

Stakeholder analysis is a critical part of successful stakeholder management and increasingly government and businesses are undertaking more formal and structured analysis of their stakeholder list. But almost all organisations have one critical flaw in their approach to stakeholder analysis.

Human Rights, Risks & Obligations
Advanced stakeholder management
Human Rights, Risks & Obligations

Rising expectations on businesses to mitigate risks of human rights violation and exploitation bring up several questions that need to be addressed.

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