A group of people shaking hands and coming to an agreeement.
What is stakeholder management?
Securing Buy-In from Stakeholders: An Overview

Need to secure buy-in from your stakeholders but don’t know where to start? Or looking for...

Grassroots campaign participants holding up a sign that says ‘Fight today for a better tomorrow’.
What is stakeholder management?
What is a Grassroots Advocacy Campaign & How Do I Create One?

Is there an issue or a cause you really care about, or a policy change or...

A group of people smiling and talking.
What is stakeholder management?
Stakeholder Engagement: What It Means & Why It Matters

Curious about stakeholder engagement, what it really means, why it matters, and how you can get...

Image representing stakeholder classificaiton, with person using post-it notes to organize stakeholders into categories.
What is stakeholder management?
Stakeholder Classification: Understanding The Essentials

Not sure where to begin with your stakeholder list? If you’ve identified your stakeholders, the next...

Photo of a group representing a meeting of external stakeholders.
What is stakeholder management?
Understanding External Stakeholders: A Brief Guide

One of the most common ways to categorize a list of stakeholders is by splitting them...

Computer screen showing a stakeholder register spreadsheet.
What is stakeholder management?
Maximizing Stakeholder Engagement with a Dynamic Stakeholder Register

Need to create your first stakeholder register — or rework your register to more effectively support...

People collaborating in a corporate space with laptops and notepads.
What is stakeholder management?
Engaging Communities: 7 Tips to Boost Participation

Need to engage a local community in your project? Community engagement has an important role to...

Group of stakeholders communicating face-to-face.
What is stakeholder management?
Stakeholder Communication: Benefits, Best Practices, and Management

Stakeholder communication is an important skill for every project manager and organizational leader — whether they...

What is stakeholder relationship management? What, why & how.
What is stakeholder management?
What is Stakeholder Relationship Management?

Heard about stakeholder relationship management and curious about what it’s all about? Or perhaps you’re a...

Quick Start Guide: Create a Stakeholder Engagement Plan.
What is stakeholder management?
Stakeholder Engagement Plans: Quick Start Guide

Need to create a stakeholder engagement plan quickly? We’ve put together this quick-start guide to cover...

Photo of three people collaborating on key stakeholder identification process.
What is stakeholder management?
How Do I Identify Key Stakeholders?

Need to identify your key stakeholders in a project? We share four steps to help you hone your lists down to your most critical stakeholders!

What is stakeholder management?
How to Strategically Manage Your Stakeholder Relationships

Need to strategically manage your stakeholder relationships? Find out how you can more effectively work with each of your stakeholders!

A woman using a laptop on a call with three stakeholders.
What is stakeholder management?
How To Succeed at Remote Stakeholder Engagement For Your Project

Engaging with remote stakeholders is an important skill for organizations and project managers in a global work environment. We share 12 practical tips for better engagement.

What is stakeholder management?
How Can I Increase Online Community Engagement?

Looking for ideas to boost your online community engagement? We share 6 practical tips to help you better engage your stakeholders online.

What is stakeholder management?
10 Examples of Stakeholder Engagement Objectives & Results

We explore 10 popular stakeholder engagement objectives and give examples of OKRs for each of those objectives. Ideal for stakeholder engagement planning and evaluation.

A woman stands up to share a report with her team.
Advanced stakeholder management
Improving Stakeholder Engagement: How to Keep People Engaged

We explore reasons why stakeholders become disengaged and share tips to help increase stakeholder engagement — and keep people participating in your consultation.

Advanced stakeholder management
What is Education’s Impact on Civic and Social Engagement?

Curious about the impact of education on civic and social engagement? We make 8 observations based on what the research says about civic engagement and education.

Person using their smartphone to interact on social media.
What is stakeholder management?
How To Use Social Media To Engage Stakeholders

Want to do a better job of communicating and engaging with stakeholders via social media? We share 6 strategies that will help!

What is stakeholder management?
What is Relationship Mapping?

We define what stakeholder relationship mapping is, why it matters, and how to start mapping your stakeholder relationships in four simple steps (along with a handy infographic).

What is stakeholder management?
How To Write Engaging Emails to Stakeholders: Tips & Templates

In every stakeholder engagement, there’s one communication channel that’s almost guaranteed: email!  Email is a fantastic...

Advanced stakeholder management
4 Examples of Stakeholder Engagement In Policy

We share examples of stakeholder consultation in successful policy making and development (and not-so-successful), including healthcare policy, public policy, environment, and more.

A team of 5 people sit at tables in a n office, looking at a monitor and post-it notes on the wall.
What is stakeholder management?
Stakeholder Collaboration: Benefits, Examples, and Tips

What is stakeholder collaboration for projects, organizations, and teams? We share benefits and examples of collaborating with stakeholders, plus 8 steps to get started

Illustration showing a person with various abstract designs.
What is stakeholder management?
Stakeholder Engagement Tips: The Dos and Don’ts

We share 19 stakeholder engagement tips, including a mixture of things you should and shouldn’t do to maximize your chances of a successful engagement.

What is stakeholder management?
Stakeholder Systems vs CRMs: 9 Signs CRMs Aren’t Working

Is it time to make the switch from CRM to stakeholder software? We share 9 signs that your CRM isn’t working for your stakeholder management processes.

People gather in a community marketplace or event location near the city center.
What is stakeholder management?
Stakeholder Engagement Examples and Successful Campaigns

Need ideas and inspiration to engage stakeholders? These four stakeholder engagement examples will help you think outside the box for your next project!

Group of four employees standing around a whiteboard that shows some charts.
Advanced stakeholder management
How to Manage Stakeholder Expectations

We discuss why stakeholder expectations matter, 6 steps to better manage them, and two examples of projects that require stakeholder expectation management.

picture of team in the office
What is stakeholder management?
Top 7 Trends for Stakeholder Management in 2023

Looking for top trends in stakeholder management for 2023? You found the right place.

Woman smiling and looking at a laptop screen.
Advanced stakeholder management
How An SRM Can Improve Your Stakeholder Experiences

We share what stakeholder experience is, why it matters, and 10 ways to improve stakeholder experiences.

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