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Highlighting designing a dream system

Allison Hendricks

24 October 2018

Stakeholder Management


We’re committed to working with our community to develop a system that everyone loves. And, we need your help.

If you could design your dream stakeholder relationship management system, what are the top five features you’d include and why? Your answers will influence our product roadmap during 2019. We can’t wait to read your answers!


Simply Stakeholders was launched in August 2018 and is from the makers of Darzin Software. Our team is made up of people who ‘get’ stakeholder management.

Our product is a central database, where you can manage contacts, commitments and community engagement interactions. It’s sophisticated yet simple, with beautiful reporting dashboards, sentiment analysis and stakeholder mapping. Learn more about other product features here.

Now, we need direction from our community and the sector. We want to make sure that Simply Stakeholders is and remains a super simple tool your team will actually want to use.

How to participate:

Take the 5-minute survey! Anyone with an interest, from any country in any sector/specialization is welcome to get involved. (You don’t even have to be a Simply Stakeholders customer – just someone who cares about great stakeholder engagement.)

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Next steps:

  • Once the survey has closed, we’ll review everyone’s suggestions. The most popular features will be prioritized in the product roadmap for 2019.
  • We’ll continue to invite our community to share their views and ideas on best practice and other aspects stakeholder relationship management for the purpose of continuous product improvement.