7 Strategies for Effective Stakeholder Engagement

Download this guide to level up your approach to stakeholder engagement — and with fresh ideas to keep your work moving forward.

Looking for new stakeholder engagement strategies and ideas? Or feeling confused by all the info out there and want it broken down in easy-to-understand terms? 

The concept and practice of stakeholder engagement has been around for many decades, but the sector itself is rapidly changing. Stakeholder expectations are increasing, there are more strategies than ever, and the way organzations interact with stakeholders is changing. 

As a result, it’s well worth updating your knowledge and making sure that your practices remain relevant.

Whether you’re relatively new to the industry, an experienced consultant, or you work with stakeholders in any capacity, this practical guide will equip you with the basic definitions and concepts. Plus, it touches on more advanced ideas and stakeholder strategies (for when you’re ready to dive deeper).

eBook cover with the title ‘7 Strategies for Effective Stakeholder Engagement’
What's inside?
  • Why stakeholder engagement matters — and the types of organizations most likely to engage stakeholders
  • 2 limitations that make stakeholder management challenging
  • Why CRMs and spreadsheets aren’t ideal (and why a SRM is)
  • 5 trends in stakeholder engagement
  • 7 strategies for building better stakeholder relationships
  • Introducing our stakeholder engagement tools

Download this free eBook for a definitive guide to stakeholder engagement, from basic definitions and benefits to the latest stakeholder engagement strategies, tools, and methods.

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