Issues tracking and Responsive design

Simply Stakeholders use on any device

Allison Hendricks

22 October 2018

Product updates


A sweet new release is going live tonight for Simply Stakeholders with two big changes:

  1. Responsive design – use Simply Stakeholders on any device, any screen size. No need for a separate app, just login on your phone, tablet or computer and the user interface will adjust to your screen size.
  2. Issues tracking – we’ve now given you a way to corral and train that Artificial Intelligence buddy that is automatically tagging the key words and phrases in your interactions. You can now create  your own Categories and direct multiple auto tags to the categories. Any future interactions with the same auto tags will automatically be captured against your pre-set Categories.The Issues charts on the Dashboard display your Categories (reporting using your own terminology).

From time to time you can go through the list of unassigned tags and point them to the right categories.  

Simply Stakeholders issues management

    And because it’s Simply Stakeholders, we’ve made the whole process super-simple and smart!

We’ve used Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Simply Stakeholders to make stakeholder management easier and faster. A new way to manage stakeholders and all your interactions with them, one that is focused on automation and ease-of-use but still delivers quality analysis and reporting.

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