Stakeholder Management Plan

Ever wondered what a really effective Stakeholder Engagement Plan should contain? Here’s a hint – it should be more than just a Communications Plan or a list of Stakeholders.

Watch a step-by-step guide to setting up a Stakeholder Engagement Plan

In this video, Allison Hendricks the founder of Simply Stakeholders takes you through the five key steps to building a strategic Stakeholder Engagement Plan:

  1. Start with the objectives of your engagement program
  2. Analyse your stakeholders, their needs, expectations, influence, impact and more
  3. Identify the key priorities your engagement plan will focus on
  4. Set measurable goals, meaningful metrics and evaluation goals
  5. Review and refine your plan at key intervals, looking at six key elements.

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Free Stakeholder Management Plan Template

We created a template strategic stakeholder management plan to give you a head-start on creating a strategic plan. In just 15 minutes you could have a good plan set up, that you can then build on with your team.

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