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Stakeholder Management system features

A new generation stakeholder management system that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to make the process faster and simpler.

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We can’t wait for you to try our stakeholder management system, because it has features we think you’ll love.

We launched Simply Stakeholders in August 2018. It’s a stakeholder management system that allows you to store details about your customers in a central database.

Simply Stakeholders is secure, low-cost, flexible and super-easy to use. Our features include contact management, reporting, AI, sentiment analysis, stakeholder mapping & more.

We make stakeholder relationship management and community engagement reporting simple. Read on for details of what Simply Stakeholders can do for you.

We want to free you from spreadsheets

Managing multiple versions of stakeholder spreadsheets can be a headache. Only one person is able to edit at any time and things can get complicated.

Just import your spreadsheets and let Simply Stakeholders turn them into a smart stakeholder management system, with the added benefits of ease-of-use, team-work and reporting.

A central database that’s integrated with other systems

Our easy-to-use interface and integrations are so simple, anyone can set them up. Connect your stakeholder database to social media, email lists, Microsoft Office, online engagement tools and loads of other systems.

You can “set-and-forget” these integrations and let Simply Stakeholders automatically gather, collate and organise the data from multiple systems and communication channels into one source of truth for your team.

Stakeholder mapping

Map your stakeholders against criteria of Influence, Impact and Interest. Understand whether you’re interacting with high value contacts, how often, on what issues and even what their sentiment is.

With one look at our reporting dashboard, you’ll be able to see if you’re engaging with the people who matter most. Simply Stakeholders gives you the ability to use stakeholder mapping in a meaningful way throughout your engagement and consultation program – from planning to reporting.

Makes stakeholder engagement reports and evaluation a breeze

Our beautiful, real-time dashboard tracks issues and topics that you’re following and even how people are feeling about those issues. It also allows you to see which channels your stakeholders are using to get in touch, and what was discussed.

Your custom Stakeholder Mapping flows from stakeholder contact records into the central reporting dashboard. This helps you to understand how your engagement plan is performing; and get insights about the groups you’ve reached, and the groups you haven’t.

Contact groups

With contact groups, you can segment your stakeholders into various lists to make it easier to contact them or report by stakeholder segment. Contact groups help you to understand how groups of people think and feel about your project – and allow you to engage with them with personalised messages via email and social media.

Use it on any device, anytime

When your team needs to record what’s discussed during meetings, they can do it on the road from their smartphone or tablet. The Simply Stakeholders interface works on any screen size. It also comes in handy at workshops and events – allowing you to enter critical comments and commitments on the spot.


Flexibility and adaptability

With Simply Stakeholders, you start with the basics of a super-simple central database where you can manage stakeholder relationships and interactions. Then, you choose the add-ons that you need.

Automatic tagging and sentiment analysis

Our system is super-smart and uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help you tag interactions and track stakeholder sentiment. You can also create your own Issue Categories so you can make sense of all those tags and get simple yet effective issues management.

Over time, the system ‘learns’ your tags and categories, and as you add more data with the same tags, they will automatically be assigned to the relevant categories. Simply Stakeholders delivers some excellent efficiencies and time savings for your team – freeing you up to interact with your stakeholders and build relationships.

Transparent pricing and free demo

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