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Integrations with other systems

Integrating your Stakeholder Management data just got a whole lot easier with the new Simply Stakeholders and Zapier integration option.

Integrated stakeholder management

Connect your Simply Stakeholders account to tons of other applications in just a few minutes. Set and forget – let Simply Stakeholders find and collate the information for you. Here are just a few of the integrations I’ve been playing with recently:

  • Twitter – set the hashtags or accounts you want to follow. Any tweets using those hashtags or from those twitter handles will automatically be added into Simply Stakeholders as an interaction. If the stakeholder exists, the tweet will be added to their list of interactions. And if they don’t exist, Simply Stakeholders will create them as a stakeholder and add the tweet to their record. Easy!
  • Facebook – posts to or from your page can be added as interactions in a similar way to the Twitter integration.
  • Gmail and Office 365 – connect an email account and have emails automatically added to your Simply Stakeholders account and linked to the appropriate stakeholder.
  • Calendar – events added to your integrated calendar would also appear in SImply Stakeholders as interactions
  • Mailchimp – subscribers can be added to or from your mailchimp account
  • Survey Monkey – this integration needs a paid Survey Monkey account, but allows for responses to Survey Monkey to be automatically added to the stakeholder’s record in Simply Stakeholders.
  • Basecamp – connect your SImply Stakeholders account to a Basecamp discussion and have all of the comments automatically added as interactions.

There are loads of other apps you can connect Simply Stakeholders to – task management, CRMs like Salesforce, and more.

The future for stakeholder data management is looking a lot more integrated….and simpler!