7 Steps to Successful Consultation

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Ready to level up your public consultation process and increase your chances of success? 

One of the first steps is to consider what a successful consultation actually looks like for you. Because based on our decades of experience in public consultation planning, management, and tools… success looks different for everyone, from managing risk and meeting legislative criteria… to building trust and gaining a social license to operate.

Regardless of your desired outcomes, you can follow our seven step consultation process to confidently design, execute on, and report on your public consultation program.

So, whether you’re just planning your public consultation or you’re evaluating your plan to see what you can do better for next time, this practical, step-by-step guide should give you a headstart.

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What's inside?
  • Defining what successful consultation looks like and principles of good practice
  • The importance of planning — and some things to consider from the start
  • A sample framework for writing your stakeholder plan
  • IAP2 Core Values and IAP2 Public Participation Spectrum
  • Why and how to incorporate stakeholder feedback
  • How to document your process and results (and then report back)
  • Embedding consultation into your organization
  • Further resources for improving your public consultation process
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