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How to use Task Boards for complaints and grievance management

Grievance management looks different for every organization, but Simply Stakeholders task management system works alongside that, not against.

Grievance and complaints handling

What is grievance management or complaints handling?

Grievance management is the handling of complaints and issues. In stakeholder management, this is a key driver to ensuring smooth and positive communication. Inadequate grievance handling can lead to damaged relationships and reputations. If action is taken too lateit can delay a project and raise stakeholder management costs.

With Simply Stakeholders, you can use a built-in Task management system to track complaints and issues. Some complaints go through several steps and are handled by several people before they are resolved. As such, it is important to be transparent about the outcomes and results of each process while communicating with the stakeholder. Facilitating internal communication is also essential to addressing stakeholder concerns.  

Issues handling – Use a Task management system

A Task Board allows you to create multiple subtasks and assign them to individuals. For example, a Task Board specifically created for noise complaints can house multiple separate tasks.The individual tasks can be linked to the stakeholder who made the complaint and the communication (interaction) around that complaint. At a glance it is easy to see all the connected conversations with the stakeholder so you can manage your grievances. 

You can then assign and designate a specific person to handle this task. The status of the task can go from To-Do to In Progress and then Done. When a task is assigned to someone, a Due Date can be set to ensure it is followed up on in a timely manner.  

Other team members can add themselves to the task’s notification list. This way they can receive any updates to the task, and even leave comments and notes as the task progresses. The task can also be prioritized based on its severity. Files or documents related to the task can be attached

Simply Stakeholders provides the tools to handle issues and complaints adequately. There is a structured system to document all the relevant information around the issues. Grievance management is transparent and the way they are addressed, including response times, are apparent.  

Every organization has its own practice of handling issues with stakeholders, and Simply Stakeholder’s task management system works alongside that to provide control and awareness at every stage of the process. 

Learn more about grievance management or contact us today to help you set up your stakeholder management system.