Stakeholder Engagement Plan 

Looking for a Stakeholder Engagement Plan that is super quick to create yet smart and strategic? You've come to the right place. 

We've put our 25+ years experience in stakeholder engagement - delivering stakeholder engagement programs, and advising governments and businesses across the world on stakeholder management, into this plan. 

All you need to do is follow the guided questions and the tool will automatically generate an actionable 12-month plan that you can use straight away. A quality stakeholder engagement plan created in 10 minutes or less!

Your Stakeholder Management Plan

Strategic Planning 

Select key strategic initiatives and priorities to improve stakeholder engagement and management across the team over the next 12 months. Identify the challenges you're likely to encounter and outline strategies to address them. 

Stakeholder Analysis 

Segment your stakeholders into groups and use stakeholder mapping criteria of influence, interest and impact for better understanding of your stakeholders, their needs, interests and priorities. 

Reporting and Evaluation

Identify a suitable reporting  schedule and evaluation metrics for your stakeholder engagement practices. (Don't worry, we will give you some suggestions and help with this.) Evaluate the process, impact, and outcome of future engagement and strategies. 

Best-practice Stakeholder Engagement starts with a plan - define success for your work and plan how you will achieve it.

Create your Plan

Frequently Asked Questions 

Have questions about our Stakeholder Management Plan?

How does the stakeholder engagement plan tool work? 

What kinds of projects or organizations is it suitable for?  

Our tool is set up like a questionnaire, guiding you through key considerations necessary in a stakeholder engagement plan. Your answers are used to generate a downloadable editable plan that’s ready to implement. We’ll also send you a copy of your plan via email. 

Any organization with projects/ work initiatives that affect communities or needing to manage and keep track of engagement with key stakeholders can benefit from a robust stakeholder engagement plan. We developed this template to help a range of organizations get this part of their project and planning right from the start.

What’s the catch?

Could you help me create my stakeholder engagement plan? 

There’s no catch! We frequently create free resources to share our knowledge and expertise with the industry. When you fill out the form, you can select whether you’d like to hear from us about related resources in the future (we’re leading experts in stakeholder relationship management), but it’s completely up to you. 

We recommend you start with our free stakeholder engagement plan template. If you’d like some hands-on help and advice on taking your plan to the next stage of implementation, contact us for a free consultation. 

What's Next?

Get started on implementing your plan and track how well you are going with meeting key performance indicators and goals. If you don't have an effective stakeholder management software solution and you're over the spreadsheet chaos, talk to us to see if we can help. Simply Stakeholders is a great starting point for teams who need something really simple and easy to implement while giving them instant access to up-to-date data on all stakeholder engagement activities. Or if your needs are more complex, our other product Darzin might be a better fit. 

Book a session with one of our stakeholder engagement experts for some tips on implementing your stakeholder engagement plan or to find out more about our solutions.

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